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Below is the results from a recent polling sample of approximately 100 users. This particular poll was comprised from multiple therapists listed on this website as well as our staff. The intent behind these polling questions were to gain consensus and opinion from the public, “you the consumer”.  Your preferences, desires, thoughts and insights into what you like in an ideal massage experience.

46% said they like their lotions unscented.
83% prefer no draping while getting their massage.
86% say they don’t care if a therapist is licensed or UN-licensed when choosing.
39% feel $20 is a sufficient tip, 28% feel $10 is enough. (based on a 60 min massage)
44% say they always tip, 39% say they only tip some of the time.
74% say $60 is the right price for a 60 minute massage.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our polling questions. This really helps us to keep delivering the content you want to see most.
This has also been very effective for our amazing providers here in the Treasure Valley. These providers love hearing from “you the massage goers”, many of them contact us with praise being able to see what the public wants and desires. Most of the questions you see here are from your favorite therapists here in the treasure valley.

Furthermore, TBMR (The Boise Massage Review) sees no profit gain, affiliation or connection with any of the therapists listed on this website. What you see is accurate, fair, live and current polling data only. Geo location algorithms and many other data analysis techniques allow us to provide a guaranteed unbiased and accurate result.

Thank you to all of our supporters and please stay tuned for ongoing polling questions.

TBMR (3 June 2018)